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January 3, 2017
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January 10, 2018

Say No to Falak, I Mean Fake-e-Noor

Say no to bad customer service from Falak-e-Noor Boutique. Being optimistic, I gave this Indian clothing website founded in 2015 a chance. They offer a beautiful selection of outfits at reasonable prices so why not order?

I ordered 3 outfits at a standard size measurement of XS (34 Bust). It never crossed my mind to contact customer service to verify how they stitch their outfits. Most online retailers base their size chart on body measurements. Unfortunately, Falak-e-Noor’s size chart reflects the measurements of the outfit stitched together. When I received my order, the bust of all outfits exactly measured 34 inches. This provided no wiggle room to even get the outfit over my chest!

Working in retail for over 7 years, I don’t believe in taking advantage of a retailer. I only challenge a retailer when I feel wronged as a customer. In this case, they never stated anywhere on their website that the size chart reflects stitched outfits instead of body measurements. Their policy for stitched outfits was non-refundable but I figured, doesn’t hurt to reach out for a resolution. For contacting customer service, their only form of communication was via email.

My Initial Communication

“I just received my order. While the clothes are beautiful, none of them fit. This was my first time ordering from your site. Do you have any exchange/return for clothing that does not fit? “

Their Response

After stating their return/exchange policy for stitched items was non-refundable, I decided to point out their misleading advertisement of the size chart for a consumer.

My Follow-Up Response

“I reviewed your return policy and would still like an exchange. These items were clearly stitched smaller than 34 inches. I’ve ordered standard size of 34 inches from other sites in the past and never had this issue. Your site should clearly state that the size chart reflects the stitched measurements of the outfit. As a consumer, I was mislead to believe that size chat was my own body measurements. Attached are photos that show measurements of the outfit are stitched smaller than ordered which is false advertisement. These outfit would only fit a customer with a 30in bust. I will be disputing the charges with my credit card company if we can’t come to a fair resolution.”

Their Response

As a consumer, I’ve never had a retailer state “don’t threaten me” when I’ve mentioned a credit card dispute. Consumers have the right to dispute when they spent a couple hundred of dollars on outfits that don’t even fit. As a consumer, I tried one more time to reason with them before going to my credit card company.

After that last response, I realized that this retailer will never reach a fair agreement with me. With no resolution in sight, I disputed the charge with my credit card. I claimed in my dispute that the product ordered did not meet expectations due to misleading size advertised. After 2 months, I received notice from Chase that I won the dispute. Ecstatic with the news, I decided to donate the outfits to a good cause since there was no point of keeping them in my closet. But little did I know, Falak-e-Noor’s customer service team had one more message for me!

Such an unprofessional response. I don’t recommend doing business with this site. You grow your business by good word of mouth and providing customers with a great experience even if the product turned out less than desirable. Those who used the word “blessed” mixed with a negative message are the worst. For those looking to buy the latest fashionable salwar kameez or anarkali, I recommend Cbazaar or Lashkaraa over Fake-e-Noor any day.

Update March 2019

I’ve never seen an merchant as bitter as Falak-e-Noor Botique. Almost 2 years after issuing my complaint about their customer service and policies, they had the nerve to ask me to remove this blog posting from my site. No offense, I live in the United States where I have right to voice my opinion. It’s a shame that they don’t invest more time improving their social media presence and brand instead of emailing a displeased customer 2 years later. I never replied back to the email hence this is my official response online to them.


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