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August 1, 2016
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Pepperplate Review

What is Pepperplate?

Pepperplate is a free website application and mobile app that allows you to save and organize your favorite recipes. You can essentially create your own virtual cookbook that allows you to plan meals and build a grocery list.

Why I Like It

Before I discovered Pepperplate, I used Pinterest to save my favorite recipes. Even though I like the concept of Pinterest, it’s not the best tool to plan your weekly meals. With Pepperplate, you can import recipes with ease from your favorite recipe websites such as Food Network and All Recipes. The website is compatible with most major recipe websites, but for lesser known sites, you can manually import the recipe.

This site has simplified my process of planning and cooking meals. Before, I used to search saved recipes on my Pinterest account and create a grocery list on my iPhone. Now, I can plan meals a couple weeks in advance and build a weekly grocery list which saves time and money.

Why You Should Use It

Pepperplate is a free and convenient tool for those who love to cook looking for a digital way to organize recipes from multiple sources to one location. For those creative chefs who enjoy coming up their own concoctions, you can even add your own recipes to the site.

This tool is accessible from your computer to mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android phones, etc.) which makes it convenient for on the go. You have your own personal cookbook right at your fingertips.

Take control of your meal plans by utilizing technology. I find that planning your meals in advance helps you cut back on eating out and purchasing excess food. Save money and be healthier by taking advantage of this simple and convenient tool!

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