ARVC Testing Process
August 1, 2016

The Unexpected

Hamida & Victoria

Over four years ago, I purchased the site Fab Fitness Diva for my mother, Hamida. I encouraged her to utilize the site to share her fitness knowledge with the world.

Last year November, she decided that she was ready to start the site. She planned to use it as a platform to inspire and teach people the correct way to be healthy and improve their lifestyle.

Sadly, it’s the unexpected that gets the best of us. She passed away suddenly on December 1st. As her only child, it has been extremely difficult to witness someone so full of life and fit just pass away so suddenly.

The cause of death was a rare genetic heart disease, Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy. It’s a disease that can cause sudden cardiac arrest. She didn’t know that she had it. If she did, she would have taken all the right steps with her health so she could still be here with us today.

Her goal for 2016 was to launch this site. I may not be as fabulous or fit compared to my mother, but I will do my best to honor her last wishes and make this site into platform that would make her proud.

Life is full of surprises and those unexpected experiences. You never know what could happen but remember to live your life to fullest just like Hamida.

Love web design, photography and fitness! Enjoy taking yoga and kickboxing classes. Graduated from ATEC and School of Management programs at UT Dallas. Currently working in the IT field.